WealthBriefingAsia 2022: 4 awards for Indosuez!

June 16, 2022

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Indosuez Wealth Management in Asia has won several awards at the WealthBriefingAsia Awards 2022 for the second year running:

  • Best Bank for its investment management platform;
  • Best Alternative Investment Manager;
  • Best Bank for Corporate Social Responsibility;
  • Best Bank for Diversity and Inclusion.

"I am very proud of the teams whose know-how and commitment were recognised through these awards. Congratulations to all! More generally, it is the quality of Indosuez's expertise, its inclusion and diversity mindset, and its CSR strategy that are being recognised here. These awards also acknowledge our dynamic development and innovation in Asia, as well as our ability to respond to the aspirations of our clients in this mar ket, whatever the circumstances," stated Omar Shokur, CEO of Indosuez in Asia.

June 16, 2022

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