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Chris Kim

Meeting with Chris Kim, Relationship Manager in Hong Kong

"Be yourself but live TOGETHER by celebrating individual differences and diversity."


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WealthBriefingAsia | Indosuez Wealth Management

New series of awards in Asia

Arjan de Boer | Award | Asian Private Banker

Indosuez in Asia named Best Private Bank for Sustainable Investments


COVID-19: Indosuez remains by your side


Our experts closely watch the Wealth Management market to share their knowledge and convictions with you.


Toward a regime change? What to expect in the wake of the pandemic?

Vincent Manuel | Indosuez | Podcast

Podcast by Vincent Manuel, Indosuez CIO


Recovery Reality or Monetary Illusion? Are markets still too optimistic?

Fog | woods | mountains | sun

Foggy Bottom*

Vincent Manuel | Indosuez | Podcast

Podcast by Vincent Manuel, Indosuez CIO

Stock market

A Reality Check?

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25.06.20 - 12:22

[#UrbanDevelopment] Encouraging lower #densification and the development of sustainable mobility… How can the hea...

11.06.20 - 10:59

🖼 Indosuez and the member galleries of @artenvieilleville invite you for three open days to celebrate the reopening i...

Art en vielle-ville
08.06.20 - 12:15

Indosuez’s Arjan de Boer spoke to @hubbisnews about the uncertainty of the previous months and shared insight about the...

26.05.20 - 04:49

[#StockMarket] "Despite the rising political tensions, most financial markets are in the green," explains Indosuez’s Marie Owens...

20.05.20 - 12:19

Eradicating #hunger in the world, a #moral imperative and a complex challenge. More with our Chief Economist on @Ageficom.

Food | wheat | agriculture | hunger
13.05.20 - 10:48

[#Podcast] Are we heading towards a global public debt situation because of the #Covid19 crisis? How will this debt be financed?

Dollar | Covid | Coronavirus