A warm welcome to WeChat!

With the aim of building our brand presence and creating accessibility within our Chinese-speaking clients and prospects, on 18 October 2021, Indosuez in Asia launched the Bank’s first ever WeChat channel.

October 28, 2021

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With over 1.21 billion monthly active users*, WeChat is one of the most popular social media and messaging apps in the world.
Through WeChat, we will be able to provide thought-leadership content and investment expertise delivered on a regular basis straight to our audience’s WeChat accounts.

“The launch of Wechat in Asia, one of the largest demographics with the fastest growing wealth in the world, demonstrates our commitment to continuously enhance our services for our Chinese-speaking clientele internationally. The launch of this channel is very timely as it comes to support our development ambition in the Greater China region” said Omar Shokur, Asia CEO.

The past two years have demonstrated the importance of keeping connected digitally. Social media platforms are no longer a nice-to-have but a necessity for us to be able to share the latest trends, market outlook and corporate news with our key Chinese-speaking stakeholders, especially clients. We look forward to seeing our new channel grow over the next few years, and meet our Greater China clients' expectations,” Olivier Livenais, Hong Kong CEO, added.

To access WeChat, simply key in our WeChat ID: @CA_Indosuez in the app or scan this QR Code and hit Follow!


*According to Tencent 2020 Second Quarter and Interim Results

October 28, 2021

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